Thursday, June 14, 2007

a bit a

mother of 4. wife. friend to beautiful women. emotional. i have a love story. i have a horror story. life is my novel unwinding. law of attraction. hate raisens. love sushi. love pizza. love food. can't lie to save my soul. loyal. messy. laundry stinks. reincarnation. jesus. spirituality. favorite sound: belly laughs. love my mom. admire my dad. adore my husband. couldn't live without my children. hate the wind. too serious. carefree...sometimes. insecure....somtimes. compassionate...always. analytical. pear shaped. working on it. volvo driver. bike rider. love dramas. passionate. open minded. very sensitive. bon jovi. rock. country. loud music. weekends. sunny fishing. novels. business minded. (thanks dad) dreamer. always late. deep thoughts. i am a believer. love a sale. shop. loyal. everything happens for a reason. kittens. puppies. anything fluffy. warm beach. love to listen. keeper of secrets. all of I am.