Wednesday, September 17, 2008

14 years ago...seems like yesterday {most of the time}.

14 years.
4 kids.
a home.
a business.
good times.
YOU and ME.
you've treated me like your new bride...
all these years.
thank you.
happy anniversary.
The Song Refrain - I luv it!
...."hard days, good times, blue skies, dark nights baby, I want you to take me ... wherever you're going to maybe say that you'll save me ... a seat next to you..."

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I just can't get OVER IT!...and a song worth memorizing...for all of us!

No I am not loosing it. I know I JUST POSTED this photo....


I was stunned when I took some time to clean up the little chips that fit in my camera and found the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL 2007.

One teeny tiny year ago....SCROLL DOWN and prepare to be amazed!
LOOK AT LUKE in the TOP Photo - Now look at him ONE YEAR AGO right below!

What in the world!

Like a different KID!
The boys all changed, but I would have to say LUKE wins the DRASTIC DIFFERENCE award!

I wish that would happen to me! As each year passed I would get taller and skinnier. Wouldn't that be FAB!?

Thought this was a song worth sharing.
A song for my boys.
May you always know...with certainty that I am behind you 100%, irregardless.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Family & Friends....Life can't be any better!

It's Fall!
This calls for Friends & Family gathering at the "Hunting Shack"!
{One of my FAVORITE PLACES in the WORLD!}

Nic and his Nanny getting dinner ready. Beer "Butt" Chicken. I am sure there is a better name for that, but the kids really liked this one!

Campfires and Brothers.What a priceless memory this will be for the boys....
"Remember when...." is how the conversation will start in the years to come.

Luke measuring up the length of the NEW SHOOTING RANGE DECK!
Papa gave the family an automatic Clay Pigeon Thrower...
{I know there is a more technical phrase for that, but it escapes me}

So of course a SHOOTING DECK needed to be made!
I got to watch....:)

Chris had to work...but he LOVED every minute as he built is with his BOYS....
He was so patient and gave the boys the entire class on deck building in ONE WEEKEND!

Persistence...Almost Finished....

Putting the final touches on the NECESSARY Uniqueness of the deck via Papa!

James learning "Screw Gun" Basics. They were all SO MUCH HELP!

Little Superman just played with his army guys all day, but IT WAS NECESSARY to put him in the PHOTO, of course! He WAS part of the day after all!

Voila! Ready to spruce up the SHOOTING SKILLS!
That will take place THIS WEEKEND! Stay Tuned!
Sawyer.First Grade. Adorable. I think.

Luke looking a WEE BIT OLDER this year, don't you think?
Nic still holding out the HEIGHT award, not to mention the boy has some STYLE. Love it!
James, my little FOOTBALL STAR.
...and Sawyer, finally running with the big guys!

More Hunting Shack Memories.
These are my girls.
Some friends are missing in the photo...but there are a ton more weekends to come!
What a sweetie! Love those baby BLUES!
Classic "Angela" move. Bumping Broman's Drink all over the front of his shirt! Some "Boss"!
Love these memories!