Saturday, September 13, 2008

I just can't get OVER IT!...and a song worth memorizing...for all of us!

No I am not loosing it. I know I JUST POSTED this photo....


I was stunned when I took some time to clean up the little chips that fit in my camera and found the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL 2007.

One teeny tiny year ago....SCROLL DOWN and prepare to be amazed!
LOOK AT LUKE in the TOP Photo - Now look at him ONE YEAR AGO right below!

What in the world!

Like a different KID!
The boys all changed, but I would have to say LUKE wins the DRASTIC DIFFERENCE award!

I wish that would happen to me! As each year passed I would get taller and skinnier. Wouldn't that be FAB!?

Thought this was a song worth sharing.
A song for my boys.
May you always know...with certainty that I am behind you 100%, irregardless.


Maren said...

WOW!! Amazing! Sometimes we don't see how fast they grow until we step back and take a good look! Such handsome boys!

Jennifer Buck said...

They are all adorable and it really does fly, Angela! I can't believe it! Thanks for sharing this! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend! Big hugs! ;)

Ashley said...

WOWZA! They grew SO much!

mcbetty said...

James has grown too ... he's up to Nick's shoulder.

Do you have 2006 or 2005 photos too? Would love to see these.

I was in an art museum in SF last year. One gallery had posters of four sisters over a span of about 30 years showing them young and freckle-faced, then pregnant, verying hairstyles, and now grey-haired older women. The husband of one of the sisters shot all these poster-pictures.

Jackie said...

that is amazing.... I was thinking that James changed the least, but then did notice how much taller he was. Luke and Nic definetly are growing into handsome young men!

Christi Snow said...

Isn't it amazing how much they are growing right now. Every time I see a photo of my 13 yo from even 6 months ago, I am amazed at the changes. You just want to hold onto them esp. when they come home saying that a girl has asked them out (like mine did today...*eek*) I love the photo of your boys all together.

Linsey said...

OH Gosh, I can't believe all those boys belong to you! They are gorgeous, every one of them and they look happy. What an amazing family! And yes, I would agree that Luke looks the most different from last year, wow! They do grow up way too fast, don't they. TFS! :)

Jenn said...

Tag your it!

Enjoy those boys before they get too big!!