Friday, March 21, 2008

Snow on Easter....Proof.

do you see this snow? - poor little easter bunny....

schools out for spring break?
spring break? is that some sort of joke?
i was going to stay home today and work....
due to the weather change, my boys are like super bouncy balls in an empty gym that hit the floor with the force of a jet.
going to unity, see ya ....bye, bye! be home later...much later.
in all reality...
the boys like me here so they don't have to hear their mama plead with them to play uno.
if you are somewhere that actually has tulips please bid one hello from me.


Laura said...

how stinkin cute is the unity sign above the door!? i love it!!!! LOVE the snow too . . .haha, thats cause i am sitting in short sleeves and capris, with the door wide open!!!! thanks for sharing the cutie patootie picture!! stay warm!

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shadows of life said...

OH WOW!! Lots of SNOW!!! and here i was complaining that it's supposed to be in the 40's on easter! ;)

loooooove that sign!!!!!