Thursday, June 12, 2008

A bit of rambling....

I am watching my son put chicken patties on buns for his buddies. Several of them have taken over my basement. He gathered the assembled sandwiches, set them on top of one another and passed them out accordingly. They are all waiting patiently for The Hulk midnight showing to begin, and I am wondering why in the world I told them they could go! Now I have to prop toothpicks in my eyelids and manage to stay awake till the movie is complete.

Nic comes home from Lake Beauty Bible Camp tomorrow. He has been there since Sunday. I miss him terribly and I have no idea how I will cope with the boy leaving us for the summer. He is going to be working at a fish camp in Alaska for 6 weeks. He is the sort of child that will take every moment out of that experience that he can. It will be amazing, his mama will just need to learn to cope. He is beyond excited to start his adventure. Nothing like bidding farewell and taking on the adventure of a lifetime at a mere 16 years of age.

Life is as I have always dreamed. Sure we still take our bumps along the road but as I sit and ponder the circumstances that surround us, I feel extremely blessed. We all have our health, we all have our dreams, yet we are content.

Enjoy your life....make sure you add that to your "To Do" list, because really - THAT is what it is all about!


Karen said...

So true Angela, I'm enjoying this time of my life too!! That is quite a job plan for a 16 yo. What an opportunity!! And as for the midnight's summertime in with friends...great treat for young teens!!

Jackie said...

wow what a great experience Nic will have! I am sure he will miss his family terribly too!