Saturday, August 9, 2008

A day on the lake....the 5 of us! WE MISS YOU NIC!

Can you see why it is called GREEN LAKE?
It is not because it is dirty and dingy I can tell you that much!
It is a beautiful GREEN color and it matches this boys eyes just perfectly!
This is James UNDER the Pontoon.

Due to the fact I am spending a TON of time at Unity this boy is pretty much attached at the hip to me ALL WEEKEND. I don't mind.

Those two on the left look NOTHING like each other.......NOT! Chris and the boys had some "fun in the sun" together. The water was warm and wonderful!

The infamous HAT! Here is Luke just hanging on the pontoon while the other boys were hanging out in the lake. Eventually he laid on the back of the pontoon soaking up the sun. James had to poke a little fun at him saying: "Luke, you are such a girl". Too funny!

James full of energy!
It took a little convincing, but once the little guy was in the water, there was no getting him out!

My Guy and Me. I love these summer days! Right in my back yard is the best summer vacation EVER! We are so blessed!

Enjoy your day. May the simple things bring you happiness!


Heather said...

OMG I want to move and be your neighbor!! Too much fun!!

Kelly said...

You have such a beautiful family. I love reading your blog along with the Unity blog....your stamps are awesome looking!!

Amber said...

SUCH a cute family! Love these pictures:)

Anonymous said...

You and your family are just so cute! :) I really enjoy reading this blog and Unity's blog. I love your stamps and will be purchasing my first set towards the end of August! I am so excited! :)

Jennifer Buck said...

Hey you! Just catching up with everything....beautiful pictures. Looks like you are all having such a wonderful summer! Thanks for sharing! Hope you are doing well! :)

Lindsay Spencer said...

I have to say I am very jealous. I love the water, and that looks gorgeous!