Friday, August 17, 2007


"A man who finds no satisfaction in himself will seek for it in vain elsewhere."

-La Rochefoucauld

i have been one to seek in vain elsewhere for years. i am guilty. constantly in need of reminding. realization is key...and at that moment things can turn around. growing is the continuous pursuit of finding happiness within. satisfaction is finally coming to terms with who you are and not fighting it....


S.L. said...

I truly enjoy reading the very heartfelt, insightful words you post on your blog. Keep it up; it is helping to keep me motivated to more deeply believe in the Secret as I watch your world become filled with pure joy. And I love the pictures! I look forward to more. You’re Neighbor.

Angela said...

Thank you so much! It is so nice to be able to share together all of the things that we are learning...I look forward to a continuous friendship that will inspire one another to a great understanding of getting where we are going! How fun IS all of this!? I LOVE IT! Life changes so fast and as new friendships form it makes life that much sweeter.