Sunday, August 19, 2007

more on the "art of allowing"...

we all get caught up in judgement. we are human. as i study the LOA i am beginning to understand how damaging it is to judge others. in using my precious time thinking about what others should or should not be doing i am only taking thought away from what it is that i want to accomplish in MY life. this is a small part of the "art of allowing" - one of the 3 significant steps in making the LOA work in your life.

" allow it by recognizing that it is not part of YOUR experience. in most cases, it is truly not any of your business. it is not your work. it is the creation; it is the attraction; it is the experience of the others. rather than trying to control the experiences of all others (which you cannot do no matter how hard you try) instead, intend to control your own participation within those experiences. and by setting forth your clear image of the life you want to live, you will prepave a smooth and pleasant path for yourself. "

Law of Attraction
-Esther & Jerry Hicks

this weekend i read these words and they made a monumental impact on me. i am new to this concept so it will take awhile before my practice of this viewpoint flourishes. i have wasted entirely to much time with my analogies of how others should think - or what others should do to improve their lives. i am a self-help guru. that is me. that is my passion. what a wonderful piece of knowledge the paragraph above lends me. i will always be the kind of person that wants to help...but from here on out - i know, that what works for me does not hold true in the lives of others. their reality is that of the thoughts they hold. that is truly a beautiful thing!

"If man understood that "what I create has nothing to do with what anybody else
is creating", then he wouldn't be so afraid of what others are doing."

Law of Attraction

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