Thursday, April 3, 2008

Tagged - 7 random & weird facts

I was tagged by Lori!

1. When I put on my boots, consistently one pant leg goes to the proper place around the bottom of my boot - yet the other is always scrunched up at the top of the boot. Several people call this to my attention, and I simply don't see the need to fix it! Originality is good, right?

2. I love the smell of rubber stamps cooking in the vulcanizer just as much as I love the smell of fresh laundry! How weird is that? Perhaps because if we cook enough rubber stamps I can HIRE someone to do my laundry!

3. I WANT my children to travel across the country after they graduate and THEN decide what to do with the rest of their lives. College is important, I know! Don't email me! I hope they go to college, but I want them to dream BIG and know why they are there when they go!

4. I would love to be an advice columnist - but after the statement I have made in #3 I don't know that any level headed person would ask my advice!

5. I WILL NOT be told what to do, HOW to do it, or what to think. Let me figure it out and then let me ask questions. I think this makes me a bit of a free spirit. (My poor mother...although I am pretty sure she loves me dearly regardless)

6. I don't like wind. Ticks me off. It blows in my ears and I can't hear anything, nothing stays in place and if it is blowing in just the right direction every one's belongings on the entire block ends up in MY BACK YARD!

7. My lip twitches when I do public speaking. I am like Elvis Presley reincarnated on stage with that twitchy lip. The right is uncontrollable!

I am now supposed to tag 7 people - therefore I am picking on my DT, artist, and talented friend. Once you get my tag, do as I have done - pick 7 people to tag yourself and leave a comment on their blog to let them know they are UP!

I will now tag:

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Christi Snow said...

Such fun stuff! I have done this tag a few times so I may do something with a twist on the theme... smiles!

Unity Stamp Company said...

Tag me again with your "twisted" theme! This is fun!

AJ said...

very fun!! I will try and think up 7 random things!!!
fun stuff!

Jen E. said...

thanks for the tag! i did it!